Always aiming for the best ROI for our clients.

Trained to make a diagnosis and give advice on the best strategy to accomplish
advertiser´s goals. Always aiming for the best ROI for its clients.

These are the services we offer:

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In AdsCluster, we count with our own Affiliate Network and multiple platforms to buy high quality traffic both for desktop and mobile.

1 - Display Adsvertising in Desktop

and Mobile Devices.

We manage the communications of different brands. We daily interact with each brand´s audience to generate engagement. We create Advertising Campaigns with different goals like increasing awareness, rising the number of fans and producing sales

2 – Community Management & Advertising Campaigns in Social Media

We use Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Bing to make your business accessible to people who are interested in the same solution you are offering through text and image ads.


3 – Search Engine Marketing & Google
Display Ads.

We outline the strategy to reach your target audience within YouTube.

4 – YouTube Campaigns

We can access the most popular sites and apps, even the ones that don´t support YouTube video player.


5 – Video Campaigns in your favourite
site or app.

This tool gives you the possibility to reach the public that has already shown interest in your product/service by displaying an ad to people who have already clicked on a previous one.



6 – Retargeting

We count with the best technology and hundreds of databases to reach multiple audiences in different countries.

7 – E-mail Marketing

Promote your brand with the same style as an article in your favourite online newspaper.


8 – Native Ads


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